Advent Challenge 2015

Starting from today, I’m going to share with you this month leading up to Christmas my daily advent challenge which is being held by a wonderful group of artists ‘Four Corners Art Collective’. Every day there’s a different theme. Today is actually Day 2 and 3, sorry posting a bit late. The theme is Angel. Day 1 is also on my Instagram but I didn’t like it so much to include it here, that’s the truth.

There are some amazing patterns and illustrations to be seen on the Instagram feed and it’s not too late to join in. You can find the challenge by using the hashtag on Instagram search #fourcornersartcollective. If you’d like to follow mine, I’m here @zaramartinadesigns.

This piece is quite different from my usual style and I’m going to try to keep it consistent throughout to make a nice collection of Christmas patterns and illustrations at the end. My process for this design was to start with the basic angel illustration and build up layers of watercolor and different line work and then moving it into Photoshop to add the magic. I tried using the drop shadow affect this time to bring the images out of the page.

Below is Day 3, Winter Trees. This time I’ve put my design into a basic repeat pattern but still in keeping with the style of the angels, using similar line work and watercolors. Also, I’m keeping the whole color palette the same..hope it doesn’t get too boring!

Advent Challenge

Tomorrow I’ll post another Day 3 because I just couldn’t help myself and didn’t bother with the ironing so I had time 😉  and Day 4 which is a snowman theme. Don’t get too excited but if I have the time, I’ll try putting them into a mock-up as maybe wrapping paper or something, just for fun.

So that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed seeing my designs and I’ll be back with more.






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