Day 4 Christmas Advent Challenge

Advent Challenge

It’s day 4 Christmas advent challenge and I’m showing another of my day 3 designs first. I love this one! I very quickly sketched this one straight into Photoshop on my Wacom (affiliate) tablet, using my watercolor styles which I love to use in Photoshop. These digital watercolors I purchased from (affiliate). I absolutely love the effects I can achieve with these watercolors without even getting my paintbrush out. I use real watercolors too but sometimes I like to work quickly and it suits the purpose. I also have to admit that I am what you call a quick artist (if there is such a thing) and do a lot of designs in one day, sometimes flitting from one design to another.

So, as promised, I’ve put together a little mock-up of how I see this design being used as gift wrap. Looks gorgeous doesn’t it?

Today’s theme is snowman. I actually did a few of these designs because my daughter said the first looked creepy…you’ll decide for yourselves on that because I’m still showing it. I actually ended up with two quite similar and one abstract which I like more. First up is the creepy one. What do you think?

Advent Challenge

This second design passed the non-creepy test but does actually looks like he’s wearing a rather nice pair of oven gloves!

Advent Challenge

Last but not least is the minimalist snowman and below that I’ve put the design into a gift wrap mock-up.

Advent Challenge

I would absolutely buy this design as gift wrap. Very simple but still has a festive spirit. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @zaramartinadesigns to follow my work in progress and check out the Instagram feed for the @fourcornersartcollective who are hosting the advent challenge.

I’m not sure if I’ll be back tomorrow with another update or after the weekend but I will be back to show you more advent designs. Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing, I’ll be designing as usual!  See you next time…






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