Jenn Coyle – Life And Teaching With Skillshare

Jenn Coyle - talking about life and teaching with Skillshare. In between teaching, creating and preparing for the arrival of her first baby, Jenn is sharing an interesting insight into her busy life. Here's Jenn Coyle in her own words... Can you introduce yourself to...

Marina Grzanka – Learning Watercolors With Skillshare

Earlier in the week I interviewed Skillshare teacher, Sandra Bowers on her watercolor classes. Today I have Marina Grzanka sharing her experience of the classes she's taken with Sandra Bowers. Here's Marina in her own words... Can you introduce yourself to our...

Teaching Watercolors On Skillshare

Sandra Bowers talks about teaching watercolors on Skillshare. I've been looking forward to sharing this interview today with Sandra Bowers. Sandra has been kind enough to answer my questions on her role as a teacher with Skillshare (affiliate), an online global...

Tools To Get Started In Surface Pattern Design

7 TOOLS TO GET STARTED IN SURFACE PATTERN DESIGN ZARA MARTINA "Helping you take control of your artistic business" Today I'm sharing my 7 lots of tools to get started in Surface Pattern Design. I've been meaning to post all my favorite tools as a Surface Pattern...

Surface Pattern Design Interview

Meet Gaynor Marshall. Gaynor specializes in Surface Pattern Design and is my first artist interview in a series of interviews over the coming months. Today I'm asking her all about her experience with Skillshare (affiliate), the Bonnie Christine...

Online Creative Learning

Starting from this week, in fact today, I'll be publishing posts about 'Online Creative Learning'. Learning online is big business! Global Industry Analysts expected the online education industry to reach $107 billion in 2015 so where will it be now in 2016? I'm...

Final Christmas Advent Update

Hello and welcome to my final Christmas Advent update. For new readers, I've been counting down to Christmas with an advent challenge hosted by FourCornersArtCollective on Instagram. Search the hashtag on Instagram for #fourcornersartcollective and you'll see lots of...

Christmas Advent Challenge And Birds?

Welcome to my Christmas Advent Challenge countdown! So why the title 'Christmas Advent Challenge And Birds? Read to the end and you'll soon find out. If it's your first time here, leading up to Christmas I'm sharing my Advent Challenge hosted by 'Four Corners Art...

Christmas Advent Challenge

Hi and here I am back after a looong weekend, it's been a holiday here in Spain. So it's a continuation of my last post of the 'Christmas Advent Challenge'. I have a bit of catching up to do so I'm squeezing in day 5,6,7,8 and 9! That just means lots of lovely...



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