Designing patterns and breaking FREE from the computer


Breaking free from the computer

So I’m continuing with the whole Skillshare theme and sharing my class projects as I complete them. I’m excited to share this particular class with you all because it really got my creative juices flowing again and also dragged me away from the computer.

Sometimes I find I spend far too long working on the computer in Adobe than I should and when I actually drag myself away that’s when I create some of my best work. I’m not saying this is awesome but it’s certainly got me back to experimenting with different media and hopefully you will see much more of this style.

First, a little bit about the Skillshare class I took that fired up my creativity. I’ll let the teacher, Hanny, explain in the introductory video below:

Hanny’s class shows you how to experiment with different size pens and brushes and combine with watercolor. It’s a great way to mix things up and bring texture and depth to your art.

How I developed my painting into a pattern

Skillshare pen, brush and watercolor project

Above is my original painting which I then went on to develop more. I played around with it a bit and came up with a pattern which I’ve displayed below in one of my mockups from my storecheck out sale details at the end of this post!


I’m so pleased with the results that I’m going to work this into a collection. You can see already that I’ve played around with another idea for a co-ordinating pattern on the napkin and possibly a placement pattern for the mug.

Originally I completed a painting (on real paper) but in order for it to work as a repeat pattern, I painted the motifs and watercolor textures separately so it gave me more room to play around with the design once working in Photoshop.

Skillshare pen and brush project

I loved the look of the black ink and the watercolor in the original but when I started playing with the colors in Photoshop, I could see how reversing the black could work better in this pattern. The finished pattern is a mixture of mostly real painting and some digital work in Photoshop.

Below is another one of my mockups to show you how versatile this pattern can be. Also, I like to work with layers in Photoshop which helps because I can then pick elements from the original and use separately as you can see on the cushions below.


If you love the mockups like I do, then you can find them in my store here: Zara Martina. Use code: 4-my-besties throughout the month of September and you get 50% off all my mockups.

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That’s all, see you soon..

Zara Martina


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