Hi and here I am back after a looong weekend, it’s been a holiday here in Spain. So it’s a continuation of my last post of the ‘Christmas Advent Challenge’. I have a bit of catching up to do so I’m squeezing in day 5,6,7,8 and 9! That just means lots of lovely pictures for you so it’s all good.

Above you’ll see a mulled wine pattern which was day 5. I love this one, such rich, opulent, Christmassy colors. Below is day 6 which is bunting.


I am actually an affiliate for Creative Market but as I’ve said before, I do use these products and highly recommend them. This is a link to one watercolor style that I’ve used in the video above and most of the designs for this particular Advent challenge: Creative Market. Here you can see what you get with this particular kit  for Photoshop but if you prefer to use Illustrator then take a look at this one which is watercolor for Illustrator

Moving on to day 7 and it’s ‘Bells’ which you can see below, this time as gift wrap. 

Day 8 was ‘Wreaths’ again displayed as gift wrap.

Finally I’m up-to-date with day 9 today which is ‘Candy Cane’ displayed here as Christmas gift boxes. Just keeping it simple today which I think looks super cute.

I want to share with you a little something extra today which is a few products I have put together with one of my advent designs from day 3, which was ‘Winter Trees’. I use this company to sell my designs on products and I’ve been quite successful to date. Take a look at my designs here: Snupped.com If you’d like to purchase something, take advantage of the code: sweetsanta for 20% off!

That’s all for today but I will be back with the Christmas Advent Challenge updates and also I’ll be sharing more product updates, so keep in touch by following my newsletter here or above and don’t forget I love your comments. Until next time…

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