I’ve been missing for the Summer holidays but now I’m back and ready to share with you what I’ve been up to.

This week I’ve been updating my portfolio so I thought it would be nice to share with you how I develop a pattern collection.

Above you’ll see a very pretty design in four different colorways. It’s not a collection as the designers among us will know. A collection is a group of designs, usually between three to seven patterns, which sit side by side beautifully and are either pulled together by a main color theme, drawing style or subject matter.

Every artist has their own way of approaching a collection; I personally like to start with an idea and make lots of sketches, paintings, textures, whatever it takes to pull something out of the hat. I get my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere; photographs, nature, fashion and put together either a digital mood board or use my pin board in my studio. I like to work on one hero piece and then take elements from that and work it into coordinating pieces.

Below is a page taken from my sketchbook. I make pages and pages of motifs and pick a few out to scan into my computer. Once scanned in; I can then open them in either Photoshop or Adobe illustrator and work on them further, add color, textures and generally manipulate them for the desired effect. Sometimes I find I develop a design from just one page of sketches as I have done with these motifs. Other times I can take much longer, especially if the design is more complex and has several layers of work.


Some of my motifs are very basic and quick sketches made with black marker pens in different sizes. I do work mostly with black pens or ink as I find the images easy to scan into the computer. Having said that; more recently I’ve been experimenting with mixed medias, it really depends on your style, any way works.

Below are some of the pieces I developed from these simple motifs. I’d like to add more to this collection and maybe use some geometric patterns to coordinate with them.

So this is how I work towards developing a collection. I try to be consistent with my workflow which makes me more efficient in putting together ideas and collections.

Are you interested in displaying your own patterns in mock-ups? Now I have a beautiful pillow mock-up for sale. Great for displaying your pattern collections! You can insert up to five different patterns into the mock-up and also change the background color.

Pillow mock-up

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Until next time…


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