Today I’m really excited to share this very special interview with home decor company DiaNoche Designs.

Husband and wife team, Rachel and Erik Mathews are the couple behind this beautiful company and today Rachel is sharing some interesting insights into their business.

Rachel mathews - DiaNoche Designs

 Read what Rachel has to say in her own words..

 Can you share with us the history of DiaNoche Designs? What inspired you to start the business and are you also artists?

No, I am not an artist, but as you can see from all the talented artists we work with, I’ve got a great eye for art!

The inspiration for DiaNoche started more than 15 years ago with my first child, Jake. Back then there was not the selection that is available now. Basically, you could get one of 10 options for a crib set and every other child would have the same thing. For Jake, I wanted a custom and unique nursery created with thought and love. Off to the fabric store and Michaels I went to gather the materials needed for his one-of-a-kind nursery.

Eleven years later, my daughter, Daisy was coming to our family. I was presented with another opportunity to customize her nursery. My passion for mixing and matching colors, patterns and designs spurred her colorful nursery with a custom made bumper, sheets, duvet and duvet cover.

Nursery Decor

Their daughters nursery designed by Rachel

Our signature product, Illuminated Art, was a welcome addition to my passion for custom textiles. Not far from where we live there is an adorable boutique store with a gorgeous illuminated glass piece that stands about 5’ h X 3’ w. Next mission was to create a similar product that could be customizable and more accessible to consumers. Through a lot of R&R, patience and love of a challenge, my husband, and business partner, Erik created the first consumer ready illuminated wall art piece. It is the perfect nightlight for the nursery, children’s bedroom or any other room in your home. Images of artists’ original works enliven a space during the day, while calming Illuminated Wall Art creates ambiance at night with the flip of a switch. Now you can coordinate your nursery décor with a night light that also serves as gorgeous wall art. Each decorative artistic light comes ready to hang and is built by hand in Denver, Colorado by us! Hang it up, plug it in and let the illumination begin!

Rachel and Erik Mathews

Rachel and Erik at the Wounded Warrior Event. This organization helps veterans and their families after they have served in the military in the USA. DiaNoche Designs gave away illuminated art pieces to all the veterans they met that day.

How long has DiaNoche Designs been in business?

This September will mark our four year anniversary!

Who is the DiaNoche team?

The DiaNoche team includes my husband Erik, myself, a handful of graphic artists, a part time assistant and a social media guru.

Over the course of the last four years, I have learned just how much goes into the graphics required to make our products. I think it would be nearly impossible for just one graphics person to manage and know all aspects necessary to create everything needed from web images, the image review process, layouts of each image for product settings, marketing images- the list is endless.

In your opinion, what makes DiaNoche Designs special?

We are a husband and wife team – for most couples, this does not work. Secondly, we feel like our artists are our family even though we have never met most of them. We also offer the artists a discount program so they can sell their works on all of our products independent from us. Their success is of utmost importance to us.

Who is your typical customer and what is your best seller?

We do not have a typical customer. They range anywhere from 22 years of age to 85 both male and female. They are predominantly female though- women love to shop- me included!

Our best seller is shower curtains by far.

DiaNoches Best sellers

Best sellers on DiaNoche Designs.


Other than your website, where else can your products be found?

Amazon, Open Sky, Houzz, Wayfair, Sears, ATG.

Where do you look for fresh art for your products? Do you scout artists on social media or would they typically come to you? What qualities do you look for in artists?

In the beginning, I would scout the internet on sites like Etsy to find amazing artists. For the past two years, artists have reached out to us.

As far as qualities go, we try to license artists that do not compete with artists already licensed. The art needs to either cover a theme or style we do not have, be inspiring or unique. As far as qualities we look for in artists… that’s an interesting question. I would simply say, flexible, patient and talented.

DiaNoche Designs shower curtains

Shower curtains make a great canvas for art and are also best sellers!

For the readers to understand, how do you work with the artists that you have already licensed? Do you set them themes or give them inspiration or simply allow them to submit any new work?

There are times when we are looking for a specific theme or style. For example, if a holiday is coming we will request that type of art. In general, we encourage the artists to submit any and all new works.

The artists we have selected are solely based on their talent and works that already existed. They are the artists, not us. We have faith in them and therefore support their input as far as what they want to submit.

Do you encourage DiaNoche artists to promote their work once it’s been licensed with you or is that left in your hands?

We work with more than 80 artists, so it is necessary that not only we promote their work, but them as well. However, any assistance needed or required in order for them to promote themselves we do our very best to give.

 Do you cater for fashion trends or simply what sells?

We cater to both as it is important to stay with the trends, and keep our customers happy. We also cater to our artists input as it’s their inspiration and talent that keeps us all successful.

What’s next for DiaNoche Designs?

Great question! You will just have to wait and see 🙂

Q&A With Rachel Live On Facebook

I had the opportunity after this blog post to interview Rachel live on Facebook. Rachel answered lots of questions from subscribers and viewers. Take a look below and don’t forget to share.

Art Licensing Competition Q&A with home decor company DiaNoche Designs. from ZaraMartina.Com on Vimeo.

That was such an amazing interview and a great insight into how DiaNoche Designs work with artists and continue to produce exciting products for home decor.

For those of you that made it to the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed the interview. If you’re an artist and you would like your work licensed, I’m sharing this amazing opportunity with you, starting today!

DiaNoche Designs are looking for their next licensed artist and I will be hosting it on their behalf. Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken straight to the competition page, where you can read all about it and download your competition pack.


Do you feel like you’re not quite ready to license your work or don’t know how to get started? Take a look at my list of 7 tools to get started in surface pattern design.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading and lookout for DiaNoches artist interviews with Carrie Schmitt, Julia Di Sano and Kathy Morton Stanion. They’ll be published over the next few weeks so why not join the newsletter to stay in touch and get FREE access to the library.

See you soon..



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