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Today I’m sharing another little passion of mine and that’s making my own mock-ups. Yep, I do spend far too much time displaying my patterns in mock-ups but I just can’t help myself which is why I have my own mock-up store and also a Skillshare class that teaches you the basics.

PLEASE NOTE – I never write a whole post based on my products but as a quick heads-up that’s exactly what I’m doing today. Why? I want to share my new Skillshare class with you and show you what you’ve been missing if you’ve never used mock-ups before.  Here’s the introduction video below:




Mock-ups are a way of visualizing your work on different products by the means of Photoshop. So let’s say for example; you create a beautiful pattern or illustration and you’d like to imagine how it would look on jeans or a t-shirt or even a notebook, then you simply take your image and put it into a PSD (Photoshop Document) ready-made for that purpose.

Below is a recent mock-up I’ve prepared using one of my digital store, ready-to-use mock-ups. You can see I’ve placed my own pattern design into the jeans and changed the original white top to black. Very effective if you’re using it for your portfolio for example. I’ve even been able to change the jean cuffs to a slight transparency to make it appear more realistic.

What are mockups?

Mock-ups can be used in many ways. You don’t have to be a pattern designer to use mock-ups either. Artists, illustrators and even authors use mock-ups all the time. Here’s a good example below of how you can display a single piece of art beautifully. I love this mock-up because there’s so much you can do with it. It has two areas to display your art and plenty of space to add your logo too…very important if you want people to know who you are.

Creating mock-ups

Above is one of the images I use to teach you how to create your own mock-ups in my Skillshare class for beginners. The class takes you step-by-step through the whole process of getting your work into Photoshop and editing your chosen image to place your design straight in. All images are included to use freely after the class.


Read some of my students testimonials:

These tutorials are wonderfully helpful, just the right pace and timely. You have given me many more hours to enjoy my drawing along with the correct techniques to create a professional look.

Great for beginners or anyone wanting to create really professional images in a way that will be easy to re-edit for future products.

Awesome lesson, thank you. You made this a pleasure to learn.

Well presented, nicely explained and easy to understand. Totally recommend this class!


As a Surface Pattern Designer I use social media all the time. I like to share what I’ve been up to on Instagram and other platforms and using mock-ups helps me display some of those images in a more professional way. Here’s another example below of how I use mock-ups. This mock-up below is from my store and it’s part of the Pattern Designers Dream Mock-up Pack. The pack also includes; duvet cover, pillows, gift wrap and gift bag too. A great choice if you’re just getting started with mock-ups. Easy to follow instructions are also included.


Pattern designers dream mock-up pack

You can see how awesome your images can look in the right mock-up. This pattern works really well on the notebook below and I’ve simply coordinated the other notebook to go with it. When I upload work to my private online portfolio for buyers, I usually put together mock-ups alongside my patterns to give an idea of how it could look on different products.
This layout below for example is perfect because it shows a good range of products. This is what comes with the full Pattern Designers Dream Mock-up Pack. You can use it as it is or pick out products to use on their own and even add your color palette.

Notebook mock-ups

Finally another way that’s good to use your mock-ups is with infographics. Put your message straight over your mock-up and share for the world to see. Like these:


As you can see in the examples above, using infographics over your mock-ups can be extremely effective and I use it a lot in social media.

The Skillshare class is for beginners, so even if you’ve never opened Photoshop before, you’ll still be able to follow along. When you complete the course you’ll know how to place your art into a basic shape like a picture frame or greeting card for example and also you’ll learn how to put those infographics on I talked about. Plus you’ll learn a lot of other tips and tricks which I’ve added as a bonus.

Mock-up Class


That’s all for today, join the newsletter if you want to keep up-to-date on what’s going on here and also get free access to the library for Surface Pattern Designers + Artists. In the library there’s lot’s of goodies like this cool mock-up below:


See you soon..


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