Visme – The Swiss Army Knife of Visual Content?
“Helping you take control of your artistic business”


It’s all about presentation right? Everywhere I look lately; every blog post, tutorial, product review, service, presentation, has been broken down into cool, to the point, easy to comprehend infographics of some sort.

As a designer myself I’m pretty comfortable working in Photoshop for my presentations but recently I’ve been introduced to Visme and been asked to share my review of this free program dubbed ‘The Swiss Army Knife of Visual Content’. See for yourself in this review:


The video above shows you just how powerful this program really is and even if I used Photoshop for my graphics, I couldn’t create an infographic as quickly as I did in Visme and with options of interactivity and animation!

So what is Visme? Visme is quite simply a powerful tool which translates your ideas into engaging and interactive visuals. It can be used across all your social media, in blogging, as a powerful presentation, basically every which way you could possibly think without having any design or coding experience!

Users can publish and share their content:

  • online
  • embed it into a website or blog
  • download it as an image, PDF or HTML5 which preserves interactivity



At the end of this post I’ve provided a link of one interactive PDF I created completely in Visme. It was super easy to create, using my brand colours and keeping a cohesive look by choosing from tons of assets. I chose to start from a blank workspace but you can easily choose from their library of premade themes and templates. See below:




Things I like:

  • you can choose from such an awesome library of templates, themes, assets and even store your own images in the library to use in other projects.
  • did I mention they have an Audio Engine feature? You can attach your own audio tracks (or ones provided) to slide presentations or even use as background music for a whole presentation! On top of that, you can attach your own audio recording and control timing and fading in from one control panel.
  • the full animation engine is one powerful feature that will transform virtually any object into an animation. Oh yeah! See below:





See how Visme have used their own program by presenting their assets in this engaging infographic below.


Visme review



Visme is a free program for anyone wishing to share visual content. The list of users are endless;


  • bloggers creating infograhics, optin PDF’s, interactive presentations, CTA’s
  • educators with step-by-step visuals, ebooks etc.
  • students preparing resumes, coursework, class presentations
  • small businesses sharing product presentations, special offers, animated charts and more
  • artists sharing their work in a more engaging way with videos, interactive links etc.


Visme is free to all users and easy to register and get started straight away. As a free program it’s pretty powerful and most features are made available to use. However, if you’re looking for all the bells and whistles it starts off at an affordable $7/month! Check out the pricing plans below:


Visme pricing



For me, absolutely! I’m a blogger and artist and I’m using visuals everyday. It makes my life so easy and I will be putting my membership to good use. I know I’ve only used a few of the many features but I can see just how valuable this tool will be in my business.


Try it and see, it’s free and you can upgrade any time. If you’re happy with using programs like Canva and Powerpont and don’t need interactivity and animation, then stick to your preferred program. However, if you’re looking to create dynamic visuals with lots of customisation, free photos, video editing, animation etc…. then go for it!


What’s the difference between Visme and Powerpoint?

What’s the difference between Visme and Canva?


I hope you enjoyed the review and if you’re already using Visme, let me know how you like it in the comments. Here’s what I did with Visme for one of my more popular posts. I turned my blog post into an interactive PDF for readers to download and keep:

7 Tools for Surface Pattern Design

Here’s another visual created with Visme. This time an interactive call to action. Try it and subscribe to my free newsletter giving you access to the library for creatives!

Created using Visme. The Easy Visual Communication Tool.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon…




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